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Board Game English Club


In Board Game English Club we play board games and learn English. Following Q&A should explain you our idea.

Why do we play board games to learn English?

Games make you involved. You have fun and you are with other like-minded people. You have to speak to play, and by speaking you learn. Simple as that. Games can be a bit messy, but we try to organize the meetings by giving you some materials to prepare beforehand and some phrases to aid you during the game. The teacher is always around, asking questions, pushing you to talk and correcting mistakes. With our experience, we try to balance things out so you can enjoy the game and learn something, too.

How to start?

Meet us at one of our FREE intro meetings that take place on Saturdays in some coffee shop or pub near the centre of Warsaw. We start with playing a simple game ‘Kolejka’ or ‚Detective‚. We want to first get to know each other in person. To sign up for the first meeting just send us a short message at and we will get back to you with all the necessary information. Or you can just join our meet-up HERE or on Facebook.

What’s next?

After the intro meeting, if you like our way of learning, we will organize a group of 3 to 6 people for you with other players close to your English level, age, and gaming preferences. It’s not an easy task but we will try to manage it smoothly.

When and where?

First, we need to form a group for you, then we will talk about ‚when’. We will all try to be flexible to fit your schedule though. We meet in a cosy coffee house or a pub somewhere close to the centre of Warsaw.

How we learn?

Every game is a bit different. Some games are complicated so we spend more time explaining RULES. Some games are based on talking where you have to NEGOTIATE and DISCUSS stuff. The games are often in Polish so we also TRANSLATE things a bit.

Who is it for?

If you read that much, probably it’s for you. Come and see how it works. Take someone with you or sign up a teenager (>12). Anyone with some English can try.

What's the cost?

The first intro meeting, where we play ‘Kolejka’ or ‚Detective‚, is for free but there are only 5 spots per week so don’t wait too long. It takes 60 minutes.

Regular meetings cost:
EVERY NEXT 30 min – PLN 10

Singn up here

Send us a message here or call 531 066 331 – Przemek.

angielski, bo szkoda czasu