Przemek Skwarczyński

enjoy the process

Przemek Skwarczyński

enjoy the process

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Home made apps.


After finishing a bachelor’s degree in English Philology with a Business Communication profile, I went on to study theoretical linguistics at the University of Warsaw. I didn’t think of becoming a teacher back then but after reading the first paragraph of ‘One-to-One’ by Peter Wildberg I became interested.

Just after finishing my master’s degree, I started a one-man company and I have been doing this ever since.

My background and focus on communication and theoretical nuances of the language made this journey quite exciting, actually. I never enjoyed classical English teaching methodology and steered clear from it whenever possible. But don’t think of me as a ‘rebel’, I am just sure there is still a lot of room for improvement and I like to do things my way.

I started with teaching adults and I have met hundreds of amazing people with whom I had the opportunity to spend countless hours discussing literally everything. I quickly understood the key to helping someone is to understand their situation and needs to use the time they have to grow their skills.

Of course, avoiding lessons with children in this profession is not easy, as I got many requests from parents to help their children. Back in 2013, I started to develop ways to work with kids so it is more fun for both of us. That’s how I created, a way of teaching children with computer games. is now a very small independent school run by me and my wife. Check it out!

I noticed that there are quite a few problems that just conversation and other classical methods won’t solve. I have been crafting my ways of dealing with them and based on that I started to think about making such tools for other teachers and learners. That’s how the apps ideas started to pop into my head and now I’m in the active process of developing them. We will see how it goes. I invite you to help me test and improve them.

I also started doing workshops for companies where in 4 hours I try to explain in a no-nonsense way how to work on your English to get what you want.

If you want to try my ways go to and book a first intro lesson.